Sweat Harder Today Or Repent Tomorrow

Create Healthier Habits To Stay Fit

Be Happier

Exercise is a tried and tested medium to decrease the feelings of stress and make you feel happier by improving your mood. Hence, as long as you exercise and are happy inside, no disease can harm you.

Shrink Your Waistline

Resistance training and aerobic exercise can help you keep that extra layer of fat off your body. Hence, you get a better body shape that supports a fast metabolism and maintains your muscle mass.

Boost Energy Levels

No matter you are healthy or have been diagnosed with serious illnesses, exercise helps you stay energetic by reducing the feelings of fatigue, combating CFS, and maintaining strong bones and muscles.

Achieve Your Fitness Goals

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Tailored CrossFit Workout

Be it pull-ups, running or gymnastics, our workout includes everything.

Live Yoga classes

Explore peace of mind and health treasure with our live yoga instructors.

Build Your Strength

Explore a powerlifting-inspired workout to gain strength and build muscles. 

Fat-Burning Cardio

Achieve your fitness goals with stay active with fat-burning cardio exercises.


Great Infrastructure

7000 Sq.Ft Area

We take immense pride in announcing that our fitness lounge is spread over a huge area of 7000 sq.ft. in Mayur Vihar along with sophisticated interiors.


Tech-Friendly Workouts

Modernized Training Equipment

While you are at Moltom, you’ll be trained through state-of-the-art training machines and equipment to help you achieve quick and effective results.



Always Available

365 Days Open

When it comes to health and fitness, we do not believe in taking an off or the so-called ‘cheat day’. We are always open for you all around the year.


Amenities That You’ll Love

Endless Facilities

We offer a range of facilities, like steam bath, bath facility, private restrooms and lockers for both men and women separately.



See & Learn

Live Instructors

Be it yoga, aerobics, abs workout , we have live instructors to guide you throughout the session. They make sure that you are exercising in the right manner. 

Yoga Experts

Learn Surya Namaskar, Tadasana, Vrikshasana, Bhujangasana, and other asanas from our yoga experts.

Nutrition Consultants

Quickly achieve your fitness goal by following the diet plan recommended by our nutrition experts.

MMA Gurus

Be it for self-defense or for qualifying for a competition, our MMA gurus are here to guide you.


Burn your fat fast with calisthenics program that is very popular among young men.

Wall Climbing

We help adults and kids to build upper body strength with wall climbing program. 

Group Training

Our group training programs are designed to build endurance and strength in you.

Ladies-Only Gym Session

Uncomfortable with men? Get trained during ladies-only hours or ladies-only batch.

Private Lockers

We provide separate lockers to women so that they can keep their essentials & belongings.

Private Restrooms

Moltom takes care of your privacy. So, enjoy being relaxed in your private restroom.

Prenatal Exercises

Explore the safest exercises during pregnancy under the supervision of our experts.

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Professional Guidance

We have certified professionals on board, who guide you at every step to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Affordable Memberships

Unlike others, we offer value-for-money memberships that are inclusive of luxurious amenities and facilities. 

Unlimited Sessions

At Moltom, you have access to unlimited gym sessions to gain a balance between emotional, mental and physical well-being.

Targeted Exercises

In addition to a full-body workout, we also offer targeted exercises for abs, chest, back, calves, biceps, triceps and others.

Healthy Is The New Habit

Take care of your body; it’ll be there for you, when no one is!
Let Your Curves Say It All!

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Success Starts With a Fit Body

What Do Our Customers Says About Us?

Positivity Comes To Freaks Who Sweat

Benefits Of Regular Exercise With Our Trainers

Keeps Bones Strong

Our trainers help you with resistance training that keeps your bone health strong.

Better Sleep

A full-body workout helps you get a better sleep at night, and improve immune functioning.

Improves Breathing

Muscle strengthening exercises help you compress carbon-di-oxide and bring more oxygen.

Boosts Memory

Regular exercise works on the memory areas of your brain, giving a boost to your memory.

Promotes Good Eating Habits

Exercise helps you get a positive mindset inculcate good eating habits for physical activeness and.

Builds Muscle Mass

Our trainers help you maintain a healthy body mass for strong muscles & aerobically-fit body.

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